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As you know my name is Paul 'PJ' Wendel and I aim to continue serving as your Chautauqua County executive. I want to build on our past successes and bring my fresh ideas and plans to our residents. I will aggressively support initiatives such as the growth of our local businesses and agricultural opportunities, I know the responsibilities are great, and I will continue the TEAM approach to County leadership.


Being actively involved in civic and political issues for over 30 years I have sought to create effective results as a leader in our Community. I have learned that the best leaders surround themselves with the most qualified individuals. As your County Executive, I have brought together the brightest minds so we can continue our county's growth.


I am also surrounded by a thriving community dedicated to the continued growth of their home. I am excited to be serving the people of this great County! With thousands of brochures to purchase, and hundreds of yard signs to place, I need your help I humbly invite you to join my campaign to help me make a difference.

Your early contribution made payable to the “Committee to Elect PJ Wendel” will give our campaign a tremendous boost. 

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My platform is unwavering and continues to be:

Unity of Effort:

This will be the cornerstone of my administration.  This will transcend my efforts as your County Executive, from Issues with our lakes and waterways,  economic development and efficient county government operations. As we move forward, unity will be a key to our success. All of our efforts working in unison will bring about great accomplishments. 


Fiscal Responsibility:

My goal as county executive is to work very hard to create a structurally balanced budget for Chautauqua County.  To look at ways to reduce cost and prove the services residents have come to expect from county government. This is not an easy task, but with diligence and effort by all department heads, I feel strongly that we can achieve this goal and help the taxpayers throughout the county.


Efficient County Government: 

We face unique challenges throughout New York State, and Chautauqua County is no exception.  I will look at our departments and find ways to share our services and reduce duplication of county services.  

Workforce Development:  

This is critical to the future of Chautauqua County.  As was discovered, there are many jobs here in Chautauqua County for those looking for employment, but some require a skillset that some residents do not have.  It is my mission to use my 25 years in education to create links with our local schools, the PTech Academy, JCC, and many others to create programs to meet the needs of our local employers.  


This is one of the most important pieces of my platform.  I will continue to be a dedicated champion for the residents of Chautauqua County, to work tirelessly to bring Chautauqua County to the next level.  My goal is for the programs in efficiency, cost reduction, and economic development to become models for other counties throughout the state.

Support PJ Wendel

I appreciate your support.


Please make checks payable to “Committee to Elect PJ Wendel” and mail them to:

Committee to Elect PJ Wendel
P.O. Box 420
Lakewood, NY 14750


Prefer PayPal? Use the link below…

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